Professional Putting Practice Aid

My Name is Gerry James. I have coached golf for over 20 years, and the truth is, practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice will help you get better fast. If you are practicing the wrong way, you will go backwards and ingrain bad habits. 

I was a beginning golfer at 30 years of age, and at age 32, I was a plus 1 handicap. This was primarily due to fundamental sound golf instruction that was given to me by John Anselmo, Tiger Woods' third coach. John drilled the fundamentals into me week after week, and I practiced efficiently and correctly. Virtually wrapping myelin around nerve fibers in my brain. 

What I am about to show you is a system to help you make exceedingly more putts. 40% of all strokes on average in an even par round of golf are putts. That quite simply means you use the putter much more than any other club. 

Why are most putts missed?  Incorrect speed is the main reason. Incorrect line is a secondary reason as speed determines line in many cases. Putter face alignment and stroke are determining factors as well as imperfections the in putting surfaces. This System will vastly help you with speed and line.